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You are here with a question in your mind, something you know that you can feel but not answer.   We are here to answer those questions with the best science and technology possible for family preparedness, corporations, government or military.

Steven Harris is a development engineer.   The product he develops?  A well prepared and capable YOU. !

Ben Neusse
West Point Graduate. US Army Combat Vet.

About Us

Steven Harris


Steven Harris started as a development engineer doing instrumentation and data acquisition for the Scientific Labs of Chrysler Corporation.   This lead to him being a vehicle development engineer and using his software and electronic hardware skills to help implement the ground breaking Speed to Market Concept in the 6 person group he was a part of.   After Daimler Acquired Chrysler he moved into the private sector consulting on energy and fuel cell vehicles.   After 9/11/2001 when consulting changed he started his own publishing business to republish the best books ever written on Hydrogen, REAL Solar energy and more plus his own books.   In 2003 this lead to him to start to teach, batteries, harvesting power, for communications, navigations, illumination (visible, non-visible & IR & Thermal), designation and more to specialized elements of the US Military.   This over 20 years has evolved to him being a Science and Technology (S&T) private consultant to .mil and .gov orgs.  Steven Harris still actively makes preparedness and energy videos (sold here) as well as consults to industry, government and military.   He also puts out the Steven Harris Science & Technology Podcasts on items you don't think of or hear about in normal conversation.


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